Hauled out in Nanaimo,

Hello folks,
Well, we did not go to Cowichan Bay. We left Vancouver June 1st and headed for Porlier Pass, but hit a submerged log near Thrasher Rock. This damaged some inside workings of the prop and the shaft as well, and we lost all motive power on a lee shore. We quickly hoisted all three sails and headed for Nanaimo. The wind disappeared just outside the harbour in Nanaimo and Sue Irwin and Tom North kindly came out in a wee boat and towed us in. There was significant damage, so we had to do our haul-out here. The yard is fantastic (Stone’s), Sue and Tom have offered us a place to stay and a car to use and invaluable local knowledge. We hit at about 1330, and we were in the pub with prawns and hot buttered rum by 2100. How great is that!!! We have to order parts from Norway via Florida so we will be here for about a week, at least, and are excitedly going at all the last boat jobs while dealing with the recent damage.


But all is well. We did no further damage, no one was injured, the rig is working extremely well (more specific details soon), the hospitality is unbeatable, and so the saga continues. Another adventure turns out to be a gift.


Thanks to all who helped us depart from Vancouver, well-fed, loaded with treats and deliciously good books, and feeling warmly befriended.
We will never forget our winter in Vancouver, and how much we enjoyed the good company and wonderful boat and music communities there.
We will tell this story in more detail soon, and will be on line for the next week or so at Sue and Tom’s. Same e-mail address, Same cell number (250-361-6876).
Cheers, Pat and Tony

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