February 20, 2011-Santa Rosalia

A delicious Valentine’s Day lunch (tamales from the blue van near the fishing fleet and marshmallow hearts on a stick from the Tecate store). One last dash into the not-nearby town for groceries and bakery goodies, one last wash down of the boat, (lots less to stow this time around) and a quiet departure under a full moon.

Departed San Felipe 1800 hr (6 pm) February 14th. An uneventful passage–no wind–but many many dolphins surfing along with us day and night. 36 hours to Santa Rosalia, averaging about 7.1 knots. Pulled into the harbour on the dot of noon on the 16th, as planned. (Actually 1300 (1 pm), since the time is different here). Greeted on the dock by Ron of Schooner ‘Gold Eagle’ and by Brad of ‘Aldonza’. Ron’s our old buddy from Ensenada and we try to meet up with ‘Gold Eagle’ whenever we can. When we hitchiked by boat from Santa Rosalia¬† last year, it was Brad who picked us up here and dropped us off in Guaymas with all our solar panels and chain. It’s great to see old friends and to be here at the ‘Palapa of Wisdom’ (Santa Rosalia Marina). This is a lovely little town and the funky old marina provides a welcome hangout for sailors passing through and some who never left.

There are two projects to complete in Santa Rosalia. One is the connection of the refrigeration. The other is renewal of our visas. Both projects are well underway. The weather is warm and sunny. Yesterday we had 80F, but that temperature is not yet consistent. 70F (20C) is more common. We expect to complete projects within the next couple of weeks  and then take off for Guaymas.

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