January 31, 2011-San Felipe

Believe it or not, still in San Felipe. A one month project has stretched out. Details later. The average temperature right now is 20C. It’s almost always sunny. The wind blows up every few days - up around 20-30 kt out of the north.

San Felipe is still a difficult place to live on a boat. But, as always, the Mexican people are wonderful. Every day they delight us with their kindness, smiles, patience, way of looking at the world. And their willingness to listen, teach, learn, laugh, touch, sing, eat, empathize, improvise, play, and make just about any gathering of 2 or more people a fiesta. Come to think of it, we have heard  a lone fisherman singing his heart out as he brings his panga into the harbour. It only takes one for a fiesta here!

This weekend we actually started to put furniture back on the boat, having taken it apart to trouble-shoot the electrical system. At this moment, the computer is running, and may soon be behaving itself and performing all its necessary functions.

We’d like to say we will be heading for Guaymas via Santa Rosalia in the next week, but we don’t dare. Big winds expected in the next few days.

To see the weather report we listen to every day on the HAM radio, Google: SONRISANET+HAM. This is a great web-site and we listen to this net every morning.  It covers the Sea of Cortez in detail and surrounding areas more generally.

Once we get out of this project and on to the next, we’ll try to find time to fill in a few more details of the last few passages and our stay in San Felipe.

And we’ll try to remember to post just before we leave here. Stay tuned and stay warm!

PS Feb 5: The predicted winds hit about 40 kts here (some harbours had 57) for about 2 days-a few lines popped, fenders departed, the navy boat next to us was full of water at 2 am-a freezing Canadian wind brought temperatures down as low as 4C-luckily, it’s back to Mexico weather now, sunny 17.7C and all is well.

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