August 2010: First stop Santa Rosalia

The first short leg of the Sea of Cortez trip proved uneventful. 13 kt on the nose and an all-night motor. No moon, lots of stars, and no other boats until we approached the Santa Rosalia fishing fleet just about dawn.

We are now re-visiting Santa Rosalia, picking up some refrigeration parts, connecting with friends old and new, and installing several 12 volt fans. Weather remains hot and humid with lightning in the distance some nights.

It is officially Hurricane season. This year, so far, there has been little tropical storm activity here. However, in September of last year,  a Hurricane did a lot of damage to boats and homes and to the town in general. The same over in the Guaymas/San Carlos area. So, while there is nothing alarming in the weather picture, it is really time to get north, and we will be heading out again on Saturday, August 14th. (Not that we’re totally superstitious about the previous day, but then again…why tempt fate?

The next anchorage will likely be San Francisquito, known by locals as “The place Saint Francis quit!” Here is what one cruiser guide tells us:

“Bahia San Francisquito is unique and wonderful, offering a real essence of the heart of Baja. The lonley howls of coyotes roaming nearby hillsides, and the distant blows of whales feeding on the nutrient rich sea mark the late night hours here. Long-legged jackrabbits and skittering lizards seek shelter among the thorny desert scrub. Vibrant cactus flowers and cooing doves add a softness to the otherwise harsh desert surroundings. At San Francisquito, the desert and sea combine, making a perfect stop for the nature lover, the hiker, and the fisherman.”;; (Sea of Cortez: A Cruiser’s Guidebook, Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer). 

San Francisquito is only 77 miles north of Santa Rosalia, so likely to be another all-nighter. After that, the anchorages are many. Having never been here before, we don’t know which ones we’ll visit. But here are a few of the likely stops:

*Bahia San Francisquito
Isla San Pedro Martir
Isla San Lorenzo
Isla Partida
*Bahia Los Angeles
Puerto Peñasco
Puerto Refugio
Bahia Willard/Bahia San Luis Gonzaga
San Felipe
Bahia Kino
and many other little anchorages in El Mar de Cortez

*pretty certain

We look forward to the challenge of cruising in the hot Mexican summer, with little, if any, access to ice, stores, and communication. In November 2010, it will be safe to return to Guaymas, where we can get back online and up-date this blog. (We’ll do it before then, if there is a way). Hasta luego.

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