July/August 2010: Guaymas, Mexico

Back in the water July 15th, with projects successfully completed. New bowsprit, deck houses painted and non-skidded, solar panels mounted, life-ring installation reconfigured, new lifelines installed, anchor chain and system set up, bottom and waterline cleaned and painted, and a million other projects. No time for details. We spent a month at the dock at Marina Singlar, Guaymas, with the opportunity to complete a couple more projects from the long-term wish list (weather and the marina are permitting)–including another awning, bug screens and nets, and then the final provisioning and re-stowing. The weather there, as predicted, was hot and humid, into the 100’sF in the daytime and down only to the 90’s at night.

Up until the last night, we used the boat AC we purchased second-hand to help us survive the relentless heat while working. The AC proved a good investment and we plan to store it away here in Guaymas for the next haul-out.

Continuing to delight in the Mexican people. Continuing to appreciate the desert geography, the bird life (not the insect life– although, we did have to learn the Spanish word for “ant” as they came marching aboard on the “yellow brick road” (our hose and electrical cord)). Apparently this is a sign of impending rain, and we did get a sprinkle at midnight one night, along with wind and lightning. The weather remained unsettled for a few days and then we experienced a flash storm–very heavy rain, thunder and lightning for several hours…big dash to put away projects. We finally departed Guaymas on the 8th of August. Happy and healthy and ready for the next adventure.

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