April 12, 2010 Guyamas, Mexico

Arrived in Guaymas a week ago. To see where we are, you can Google “Guaymas+church. See Iglesia San Fernando? The Marina is just a little south on the water with several boat slips on the left of the cluster of buildings (as you look from the ocean). In the Google Photo there are no boats in the slips or in the yard.

What a lovely town! Lots of hills around, and big, big cacti. The two spires of Iglesia San Fernando and the dome of the Municipal Hall are great landmarks. It’s very easy to get around here, with the entire town, including Mercado and  a big grocery store within easy walking distance. Many wonderful old buildings, some sadly in decay, some damaged by last years floods during the hurricane.

It’s warm here—83F inside and over 95F on deck. But it gets cool at night. We hear it will get hotter soon-up to 110F with 100% humidity. So we purchased a 2nd hand air conditioner from someone in the yard, and we are putting up all the deck canvas.

We are hauled out at the Guyamas, Singlar Boatyard. It was all booked up, but they let us in when we promised to stay for only 3 months. It is quite clean, with showers, a lap pool, laundry and a cement yard. The pool is outdoors and up high, looking out on the harbour. Next to the pool is a restaurant and a Club Nautico Bar.

The day after we arrived, a couple of the long time cruisers took us by car for a tour of the area. We went all over town and saw all the hardware stores, and marine stores, canvas shops, and grocery stores. Then we went to San Carlos and did the same there. San Carlos is really connected with Guaymas, but has a huge Gringo population. We heard San Carlos is 40% Canadian, 40% USA citizens, 20% Mexican. All the road signs are in English!

We are going to be working hard on the boat for the next few months, and then head north in the Sea of Cortez to get out of the Hurricane Zone. We will be taking a few days break at the end of April to head up to San Diego and pick up some equipment and materials.  By the time we leave here, we hope to have a new bowsprit, functioning solar panels, some added deck canvas, some routine maintenance on boat and dinghy, and a whole bunch more.

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