Departure Day is Close December 2, 2009

Just finishing up the last few jobs and watching the weather. Planning to sail for the southern tip of Baja at the end of this week. However, there is a serious weather system hovering northwest of us, so we may be delayed till that system passes through.

The dinghy stowage system has been fabricated. The gas boxes are completed. the stove is functioning well again. Ensenada continues to be a zany, wonderful madhouse.

We will be out of contact for a long time once we leave here –not sure when we will get online again. Stopovers may include Magdalena Bay, Los Frailles, La Paz, Mazatlan. Hoping to be able to catch up with Pat’s family in Mazatlan at the end of December. Then north in the Sea of Cortez.

Wishing everyone a great Winter Solstice and wonderful times with good friends in whatever celebrations you honour.

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