Maltese Falcon

The Falcon in Sausalito

We’ve talked about this boat a bit. She was in Drake’s Bay with us. She made a grand entrance to the Bay last weekend and we watched from the Yacht Club with Craig and Vicky Johnsen (”Magic”). The boat is anchored near us here in Sausalito.

Maltese Falcon with Criag in the foreground.

Reproduced from cruising compass:

World’s largest privately owned sailing ship visits SF Bay

The Maltese Falcon, built for Belvedere financier Tom Perkins is the largest privately owned sailing ship in the world, and is in the San Francisco Bay as part of a cancer benefit regatta. The ship made its continental United States debut as it slipped under the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday. Timing was important and had to match the low tide so that the yacht’s 191-foot masts could clear the bridge with just 20 feet to spare. The football-field sized ship is considered the most technologically advanced yacht in the world. It was launched in July 2006. The 289-foot yacht will be part of the Leukemia Cup Regatta, a two-day fundraising event by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Last year, the society raised $312,000 and this year, it’s likely to get more than $500,000 to support blood cancer research and to provide education and patient services.

cool boat

We like “Atlantide” better, but hope the technology that “Falcon” represents can be used in future shipping.

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