We are currently anchored in Sausalito, California. All is well on the ship.

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  1. Larry Lewis Says:

    congrats tone!

  2. Rob Gray Says:

    Lester Church is heading your way, he hopes to leave Victoria in about a week

  3. patsy Says:

    Thanks Rob, and congrats to Gina! We will keep an eye out for Lester. Tell him the Sausalito Yacht Club is a very friendly place.

  4. John Porter Says:

    Congrats guys, Glad all is well. Still summer weather here for 2 more days, then deep fall as the rains are a-comming. Have fun.
    John and Jean

  5. Marian hammond Says:

    Sausalito is wonderful this time of the year. Enjoy and fair winds on your next leg. We miss you.
    Marian and John and the whole Munin crew

  6. Jamie Purves Says:

    Congratulations Pat and Tony!

    The journey is the destination.


    Jamie and Karen

  7. Jamie Kelley Says:

    Fair dinkum diary. Great read and looking forward to the balance. Perhaps we’ll get to see you month’s end in Sausalito. I’m in Loreto for another two weeks of 92 degree weather, then back to the wet coast for 6 months of rain with the exception of a week in San Francisco.

    What a trip to sail under the Golden Gate. Awesome. Be safe and well.

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