September 2, 2008 - heading out

Forbes & Cameron will depart Cadboro Bay on Thurdsay, September 4th. She will spend a few days there tweaking the autopilot and attending the Wooden Boat Festival. Looking forward to a last session with Lewis and Lovine and all those great PT folks. Heading south the following week.

We will not be available by phone after Wednesday. Please don’t leave a message, unless you are nearby and wanting to connect with us. Our cell minutes in the USA are extremely limited.

We will check e-mail when we can, and will update this blog when we can. Feel free to e-mail us or add comments to the blog.

Stay tuned for the next episode, and a more detailed update.

Here’s a photo of Tom Lewis, Lynn Lewis, and Pat, singing on board in Nanaimo Harbour in July. Tony and Sue and Tom were running the boat while we relaxed.

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  1. Jane G Says:

    hello, love the blog and Pat your story about singing and your life was wonderfull to read as well. I am very proud of you both as you embrace a new challenge an adventure and life in general. I believe that each of of you are truly special and gifted people. It is a pleasure to follow your stories. Now be safe , until later, take great care, love Jane

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