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May 26, 2011-Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico #3

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Projects proceeding well- we have experienced several earthquakes - most recently May 25 (5.0). No damage, but it sure doesn’t feel good when you are aboard a boat, up in the air, on dry land.

Mexico continues to be full of surprises. Reading the newspaper and chatting with the locals to practice Spanish. Watching how the town handles several weeks of Protestas due to water rate increases (combined with reduced availability of water), watching lots of boats being hauled and prepared for summer-continuing to repair cracks in the deck-house-about 6 more port-lights to re-bed. It’s a long and tedious job, but we are happy to be getting it done. Weather is great-high 80’s to low 90’sF during the day, down to mid-60’sF at night-very comfortable for sleeping. The free Zumba exercise continues in the town square (three nights a week, hundreds of people of all ages, with loud, loud, loud rock music), and now they are setting up for Dia de Marinos (Navy Day) on June 1st.  The President of the Republic is planning to be here and they have set up some huge tents for expositions. Should be interesting!

This is also the season of weddings and graduations. Parties take place right here at this Marina and everyone sure likes to do the formal thing. Balloons and confetti and incredible outfits. Lots and lots of decorations. Even the littlest kids are often outfitted with tiny tuxedos or princess dresses.

Meanwhile, back at the boat, the work continues and we look forward to a break later in the summer. Continuing to try to beam some sunshine into Canada. Hope it’s working.