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April 2011-Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico#2

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

How quickly a month passes. Projects are well underway and proceeding more easily than expected. It’s still a tedious and difficult job, but Tony has developed a procedure that works well. Filling the deckhouse cracks with yellow cedar splines and it looks great. Taking a lot of care with the portholes, so there are many steps in the procedure. Hoping to have the entire aft cabin done by the end of the month.Lately there have been a number of wind events with gusting to 32 kt. At the same time, the temperature has hovered around the mid to high 80’s in the daytime and mid seventies at night. Although the yard was pretty quiet when we first arrived, the cruisers are starting to arrive as Hurricane season approaches. Some have already left for Canada and the States, and others are hauling and prepping their boats so they can leave them for several months.

The Fonatur Marinas are showing some stress, probably because they are still up for sale. The other day, the Travel Lift ran out of fuel and the Cruisers ended up donating some, in order to proceed with 2 planned haulouts that day. (And this, in a marina that has it’s own fuel dock! Looks like Administrative Challenges strike again!).

The other day, we were invited to join Taz, our original Native Guide here, and his lovely Mexicana friend, Esmerelda, for an evening of music in support of an Orphanage  Fund called “The Castaway Kids”. Several musical Gringo residents of San Carlos, as well as a couple of local Mexican bands. Great to take an evening to dine on the beach, real palm trees and the real moon as a stage backdrop, and get a taste of some local music. The event was organized by a couple who have a recording studio in San Carlos and who play soft country themselves. One Mexican band, called “The Twins”, features 2 sets of twins, with rhythm, lead  and bass guitars and percussion. They were joined by an accordian player who runs the local coffee empire . Later, a band called The Mariachis was represented by only 2 members, as the others had been involved in an auto accident in Guaymas on the way to the gig. In Mexico, if you have a traffic accident, everyone goes to the Police Station. If there is Insurance, the Insurance agent is called   the station, sorts out who is a fault and what is to be paid, and then hands over the cash there and then.If you have no insurance, you stay in jail till it all gets sorted out and you have paid what you owe. So Sonya and Martin held down the gig for the rest of the group. She confessed to being a little “nervosa” since these two don’t normally perform duets. However, he played some delicious fiddle,  she sang up a storm, and the rest of the Mexican musicians joined in. And we had a great time with Esmerelda, as she translated the Spanish songs for us and we translated the English songs for her. It gets to be even more fun when the meaning is more subtle. (”He’s dying of love” –no–he’s not dying because of love, he’s dying because she doesn’t return his love).

Meanwhile, we had a hard time resisting a little kid (about 7 years old-totally adorable) who came around to the tables selling jewelry—what a mover and shaker! Of course, he charmed everyone by choosing just the right piece of jewelry to go with the outfit each woman was wearing, placing the piece on her, and then glancing enquiringly at the man beside her, in hopes that he would pay. This kid is definitely going to go far. Especially since he never gave up, but came back again and again with yet another piece he thought would match.

An all around delightful evening, and maybe we will get to do this one again (it happens once a month). Until then, it’s back to work on those portholes.

Favorite Mexican phrase this week “Tan pronto como posible” (as soon as possible). Let’s hope that applies to the completion of the jobs.