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March 2011-Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Schooner ‘Forbes and Cameron’ now has an excellent refrigeration unit fully functioning.  We can even make ice cubes and frozen desserts. The solar panels make more electricity than we need. FM3’s have been renewed, so we are legal in Mexico for another year.  Such a great group of cruisers and residents in Santa Rosalia, that it was sad to have to leave. After 5 months in San Felipe without using the guitars, we finally had some music time. Several wonderful singing and storytelling sessions in the ‘Palapa of Wisdom’, Santa Rosalia’s salty old gathering place.

Cast off around 1730 on March 12th. Arrived in Guaymas March 13th at 0830. No wind the first half of the trip, lumpy and on the nose the second half. By noon, we were hauled out and catching up with old friends in the area. Planning and plotting these last few huge projects.

What an amazing temperature change. In Santa Rosalia, we were still wearing polar fleece at night and not all that warm in the day — a range of 16-20C . Here in Guaymas, it was sudden summer, with temps up into the 30’s. Still a little cooler at night, and with a slight breeze, perfect working weather.

We are now beginning to wonder if the Canadian climate is following us. Yesterday the wind picked up and the temp dropped.  It’s 20 now, at 0730.

The projects involve removal of all port lights, repairs to deckhouses, hull and bulwarks, replacement of portlights and epoxy and paint jobs. Aquisition of materials takes a great deal of time and cunning. Yesterday the first portlight was removed. Today we hit the Segundas (2nd hand market) to scrounge for materials. Also a meeting with Luis, the fabulous welder of metals.

In addition to work, there have been some sightings of traditional buskers in the form of “fariseos”. More about this  tradition later. Perhaps this will be the motivator for re-learning how to put photos in this blog. The fariseos wear shells (much like Morris bells) on their legs, as they travel around dancing and drumming for money to support themselves during their voluntary poverty, usually for the duration of Lent. More about that, and some photos soon (maybe). In the meantime, you can see video of these guys if you google “fariseos+Guaymas”.

There is no time for the rest of the news right now, but maybe we’ll start to catch up in the next few months. Wishing everyone in Canada an early spring and warm and pleasant summer.