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September 18th, 2010 San Felipe

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Here we are in San Felipe, in the Sea of Cortez. Since leaving Guaymas in August, we have stopped in Santa Rosalia, Bahia Los Angeles (roadstead anchorage and La Mona), Refugio, Bahia Willard, and now San Felipe, the northernmost cruiser port in the Sea (on the east coast of the Baja Penninsula). Every stop has been a unique experience. As predicted, the weather has been very hot and humid–with the cabin up around 100F many days, and the humidity up to 80% at times. The sea temperature was 87.5F when we left Willard.

We are both well and happy and very, very brown! We’ve seen our first whale sharks (unbelievable!) and learned to live on a gallon of water a day. Met some amazing characters, learned a lot about the history of Baja, and soaked up a lot of moonlight and starlight.

After more than a month at anchor, we have taken a slip at the Marina here.We will use this opportunity to complete some much needed work on the boat–especially deckhouse repairs and completion of the chain anchoring system. Hopefully, we will also find time to update this blog in more detail.

Just this minute found out that today is the opening of Shrimp Season here–that explains the crowds along the beach—there are many food stands selling deliciously prepared shrimp. Guess it must be dinnertime.

More soon.