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May 2010, Guaymas Mexico

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Here we are in Guaymas, and we have finally started to experience some warm weather. Predictions for 40-45C next week. We just returned from a trip to San Diego, where we picked up some boat equipment. This involved a 14 hour bus trip to Tijuana, a week in San Diego staying with our friend, Marcus, on his boat in Coronado, a whirlwind drive with another friend back to Ensenada. A few days there, then another 14 hour drive south to Santa Rosalia (car crammed full of 5 adults, one grandchild, tons of boat gear including amongst other things, 300 ft. of chain, 2 solar panels, bottom paint and a ladder). Spent the week in Santa Rosalia attending Ron and Susy’s wonderful Mexican wedding onboard the Schooner ‘Gold Eagle’ and then hitch-hiked on a Hans Christian¬† back to Guaymas and unloaded everything. Now it’s fast forward work on the boat for the next 2 months as we must splash in by July 7th. More details later. Happy May to everyone.