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August 29th, 2009 San Diego now, Ensenada September 2nd.

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Very quick update. Departed Alameda Aug 20th. First night anchored in Half Moon Bay, second night anchored in Santa Cruz. Then 3 days and nights without stopping. Some adventures with fouled prop and interesting antics of a double reefed fore. All is well. One night in Santa Catalina…crazy California vacation Island. We slept from the moment we grabbed the mooring buoy. Left at 6 am and arrived in San Diego on the 26th around 4 pm. First sight was Oracle under full sail, passing us coming out of the harbour. Some interesting contradictory info from the authorities about customs check in and where to stay the night. We ended up at the Municipal docks beside the Police Dock. Great folks at the dock–took our lines, invited us to join them at a concert, but we needed to go ashore and eat and then sleep again, so one of them gave us the keys to his car. Amazing, but then, we shouldn’t keep on being surprised about this kind of thing. Walked to Downwind Marine the next day (long walk), and have been picking everyone’s brain about Mexico and places to work on the boat some more before November (Ensenada, San Diego, or someplace in between? Turtle Bay? Who knows?

We leave for Ensenada at about 3 am on Tuesday September 1st and should arrive there early afternoon. Next installment may not come for awhile. More details when we get time. Happy Labour Day, everyone!

PS–yes, it is finally hot from early morning till late night!!!Hooray!!!!

PPS–for those folks looking for the Liner Notes for We Need to Sing–click on We Need to Sing, on the right of the blog page. Then scroll down to the Liner notes. They were the first posting, so they will be the last thing you find.

August 7, 2009 Bueno viento y Biena mar!

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Busy with the very final prep. Wind-vane and autopilot in place, chain locker about to go in, deck prism about to go in, computer set up, the pile of stuff on the dock is getting smaller. A visit with Shanteyman David Lo Vine and a quick trip to Berkeley to sing one last time with “In Harmony’s Way” with Shanteyman Dick Holdstock. Incredible support and assistance from the Alameda folks. The weather continues to co-operate at 70-75F and sunny. Copies of documents in Spanish and getting pesos from the bank makes it all seem more real.

On a sad note, the Victoria Folk Music Society lost a very special person last week. It is sobering to realize that Jim Selk will not be there when we return. We think of him often, and take him with us in spirit.

This may be the last posting for a while. We expect to be out of touch for several weeks or more-not sure how easy it will be to do E-mail or get online.

Bieno viento y biena mar! (Good winds and good seas!) And remember that line from the song;

“Hold me in your memory, and when you do not hear from me, don’t think that out of sight is out of mind.”