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“Off to California”

Monday, September 29th, 2008


The trip to Port Townsend from Victoria was a foggy experience. We were very happy to use the radar and AIS system. When we arrived in Port Townsend, the first sight was Lady Washington at the city dock. We had passed the entrance to Point Hudson without seeing a thing. We circled back and entered Point Hudson, rafting up to MV Lotus for the duration of the Wooden Boat Festival.

shone bright

All around Cape Flattery Tatoosh shone bright……..

the moon

………up the Straight of Juan de Fuca on a full moon night!

We definitely loved the Radar

As we got used to the new equipment …ie the AIS, Radar and Chart plotter, we realized how spoiled the modern navigator is…and who would want to be without these great tools!

Just thinking
…how am I going to make that bloody auto pilot work?

a happy girl

It was still cold and foggy but Patsy was HAPPY

Coos Bay was friendly and very reasonably priced

Heading out of Coos Bay (our first landfall) - Pat and Tony and Chris. In Coos Bay, the docks are crowded with crabbers from all over America. They drive to Coos Bay in their RV’s and spend a couple of weeks on the docks catching crabs, visiting, smoking and drinking coffee. There is a big transient dock with lots of cruising boats coming and going. We saw our first pelicans there, and a tame dolphin fed by hand by the fishermen. The folks were friendly and helpful. We would have stayed there a bit longer, but the weather forecast told us it was time to go.
Always time for tea

Pat and Tony never refuse a “Cuppa”

patsy at night

Sometimes all you could see was her smile


We tried all sorts of combinations of watch systems…sometimes alone, sometimes as partners. This time Patsy and Tony took a shift.

peanut butter sandwiches

Kathy (Katie to the skipper) enthusiastically slaps together peanut butter sandwiches for the second leg of the trip.

The boat did herself proud and sailed herself.

Under most points of sail and in almost all conditions she would sail, and/or motor herself..for long periods of time, (with just a little trim tab applied via the “tiller tamer”) but sometimes, when it was blowing 35knots and your concentration lagged, she was a handful to get back on course.

A really great crew

Chris Wood and Katie Haight were the extra crew…and they were great. We laughed a lot…or were those smiles just grimaces?

two lads

Almost there…

The Bridge is spectacular

It was hard to believe that after all those false starts we had finally made it to San Francisco

patsy in the sun

The light was magic and the warm breeze like a tonic.

pat on foredeck

Linn’s shirt seemed like the right thing to wear in California

At last

San Francisco, open your golden gates…..

the bridge

An Art Deco Masterpiece


Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

We are currently anchored in Sausalito, California. All is well on the ship.


Friday, September 19th, 2008

Sept. 18, 2008

Schooner Forbes & Cameron arrived in Coos Bay at 0930 hr. Pat and Tony are on-board with excellent crew, Able Seadogs Kathy and Chris from Port Townsend. Planning to spend few days here repairing the alternator getting ready for next leg of trip to San Francisco, waiting for the weather window.

Sept 19th, 2008

The alternator is fixed, meeting fascinating Cruisers and Crabbers. Had our first biscuits & gravy as well as chicken fried steak. Will probably be here until at least Monday, no complaints! Cruising is great! Detailed report to come soon.

En Route

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

At 0700, September 15, Schooner Forbes & Cameron departed Port Townsend. The next destination is Neah Bay, on the way to California. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Schooner’s Crew
One Last Song

The cruise has already begun. Schooner Forbes & Cameron  is anchored in Port Townsend Bay. Come join Pat Thompson and Tony Latimer for one last sharing of songs before they head for Neah Bay and points South.

When: Friday, September 12th, 2008
Where: Landfall Restaurant, Point Hudson,
Port Townsend
Time: 7 pm (promptly)

Only the venue and the songs are provided. Feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks.

We’re sailing away out on Port Townsend Bay

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Here we are anchored out in the bay, sailing ashore every day  in our dinghy Grace Darling to get the last few bits done on the boat. Adding a towed generator (we call it Mr. Toad), organizing the jacklines, stowing and all those other last-minute details. Planning to head for Neah Bay by the 15th of September. Had a blast at the Wooden Boat Show here, and got lots done on the boat, as well. There was lots of great music, with Tom Lewis and David Lovine, the Cutters and others. Steve Lewis (no relation to Tom), organized some shanty circles and we enjoyed hearing some new ones.

No time for more details now, but we will write a longer story once we get to Cal.

September 2, 2008 - heading out

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Forbes & Cameron will depart Cadboro Bay on Thurdsay, September 4th. She will spend a few days there tweaking the autopilot and attending the Wooden Boat Festival. Looking forward to a last session with Lewis and Lovine and all those great PT folks. Heading south the following week.

We will not be available by phone after Wednesday. Please don’t leave a message, unless you are nearby and wanting to connect with us. Our cell minutes in the USA are extremely limited.

We will check e-mail when we can, and will update this blog when we can. Feel free to e-mail us or add comments to the blog.

Stay tuned for the next episode, and a more detailed update.

Here’s a photo of Tom Lewis, Lynn Lewis, and Pat, singing on board in Nanaimo Harbour in July. Tony and Sue and Tom were running the boat while we relaxed.