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#8 Leaving Vancouver

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

#8 Leaving Vancouver
Cell Phone: 250-361-6876
We have free airtime before 7 a.m. and after 5 pm on week days, and 24/7 on weekends, so this is the best time to call for a chat. It is OK to call during weekdays for brief contacts.
Calls in to us from Vancouver: Long distance charges to the caller.
Calls in to us from Victoria: No Long Distance charges to anyone
Calls out from our phone to Canada: No long distance charges to anyone
Web-site: (you can watch the boat sail):
NEW: Long Term Mailing address: (Thanks to Brack and Margaret):
1201 Colville Rd.,
Victoria, BC, V9A 4R2 (note correction)

This is a Short Haul update-no time for the long one- it may come later

Short Haul May 29, 2008

¸ Refinished and re-rigged dinghy
¸ Built a new tiller for dinghy (the 1st one broke)
¸ New wooden shroud rollers
¸ Dorade boxes
¸ Grounding system for ham radio – researched with many opposing opinions
¸ Stowed and restowed and cleaned and removed items from boat
¸ Trimmed lead and secured it
¸ Upholstery for main salon
¸ Fill fuel tanks, propane, water
¸ A million other details
¸ Presentations to the Oarlock & Sail Club and Bluewater Cruising Association (slide show about building the boat and getting ready to go + maritime music)
¸ Feature at Jericho Folk Club
¸ Concert at the Maritime Museum with Jon & Rikka & Henk & Simon
¸ Received some great shanty CD’s from Brewhouse Music – (try Googling them)
¸ Attended Henk’s Benefit Concert
¸ Pat’s CD (We Need to Sing) completed and in production-should be ready in 10-14 days and we will be mailing it out to all those who pre-paid.
¸ A lovely visit with Craig & Vicky (Schooner Magic) with lots of catching up and learning about Mexico (they just returned)
¸ Singing Somos El Barco, in English, and Vicky speaking the words so beautifully in her musical Spanish
¸ The weather has been most motivating for a trip south (let’s get away from this climate!)
¸ Lots of action on the dock-great folks all working on their boats and hanging out
¸ Thursday night Potlucks for yakking about boats and life, and encouraging each others’ nautical insanity
¸ Lots of wonderful dinners with the excellent folks of Vancouver
¸ Both healthy and optimistic about finally getting going
¸ Jamie & Karen, our neighbours all winter on Sea Lion, have been lots of fun, and most hospitable in hosting our guests
¸ Sea Lion has been sold at auction for $140,00
¸ We have loved Vancouver and enjoyed our winter here. We will miss the company of all the great Vancouver Folks. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.
¸ Some sadness re various friends with health issues – we will continue to send positive thoughts and to sing for them as we sail
Itinerary as of today:

May 31st: Heading out from Vancouver towards Cowichan Bay-Planning to stop first at Bowen island for a few days to get all the ducks in a row
June 6-9th-ish : hauled out in Cowichan Bay at the Wooden Boat School-then may anchor in that area for awhile working on the boat
June 9th-ish-July 12th: sailing around the area, tweaking the rig, working on the boat
July 13-19: Captain Reynaud International Schooner Race- starts in Victoria (in front of the Empress on the night of the 14th (Monday)) and ends in Telegraph Cove
July 20th-ish: heading to Port Townsend, then Neah Bay, then San Francisco